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Goodmans GDB2 Update software


This page is intended to explain how to update the firmware of the Goodmans GDB 2 digital television set top box to the latest version, including the 7 day EPG...

I provide this service with no guarantees, every effort has been made to ensure that the information is correct but you perform this entirely at your own risk.

What you need

Downloading the firmware

The procedure

Setting Up
The transfer
What if it all goes wrong - returning the box to normal

What you need.

  • You will need the firmware
  • A Goodmans GDB2 DTT
  • A Computer with hyper terminal installed
  • An RS232 cable
An RS232 serial cable is the old Atari TM style 9-pin joystick port. You will be able to purchase this from any well known electronics store for a couple of pounds. The point being that it is much cheaper than posting the box back to Goodmans.

Check when purchasing the lead that both end of the cable are the right way round for your box and computer, normally Male Male.

Picture of an RS232 lead.

The hyper terminal is not always installed by default with your computer, if it is it will be under

Start - Programs - Accessories -  Communications.

If you do not have the Hyper terminal installed go to control panel - Add.Remove programs - Windows Setup and install it. You may need your windows disk.

Downloading the firmware

Version 4.1 is the latest version of the firmware for the GDB2 and includes the 7 day EPG update, I may make other versions available as and when i get them.

Right click the file, chose 'Save As...' and save the file to somewhere you will remember.
If you downloaded the zip file the be sure to unzip it.

The procedure

Setting Up

  1. Attach the RS232 to the port on the back of the computer and digi box. The key to doing this is simply that the place where it goes.
  2. Open the hyper terminal from (usually accessories - communications)
  3. Enter a name for the connection that you will remember and chose an icon. We are going to save the settings so they can be used again....
Enter a name for the connection...

  1. In the next dialogue enter the port on which you are connected to the box, COM1 or COM2. If you are not sure then it will probably become apparent later. You will be able to change this. Or just start again. Press OK and move to the next screen.
Select the port...

  1. The next dialogue controls the options relating to how the two devices will communicate:
Select the correct properties

Make sure the settings are exactly as in the picture. That is:
  • Bits per second - 115200
  • Data bits - 8
  • Parity - None
  • Stop bits - 1
  • Flow control - None
Press OK and move on to the next screen.

At this stage if you were to quit you could save the session and start again by clicking on the the icon you have created in the Hyper Terminal directory.

The two devices are now ready to talk to each other.

The transfer

  1. To initiate the communication press the 'Reset button' on the rear panel of the digi box....
The existence of the new connection will be indicated by the Hyper Terminal window displaying the following...
Connection established
  1. From the transfer menu chose 'Send File...'
Chose transfer - send file

In the next dialogue browse to the location you saved or uncompressed the bin file to.
Select file and chose 1K Xmodem
Then from the drop down select 1K Xmodem

Press 'Send'.

  1. The transfer dialogue will then appear. At this point nothing will be happening.....
transfer dialogue box

To begin the transfer press the reset button again on the back of the digi box.

The file will now begin to transfer. The whole process will probably take around 2 to 3 minutes.

At this stage, if the transfer is holted or appears to not have started you should go back to stage 6. You are relatively safe as whilst the firmware you are updating includes the part of the program that allows it to be updated, the box will not overwrite its existing firmware until it has unpacked and checked the integrity of the update.

  1.  When the transfer has completed the Hyper Terminal will display :
Transfer completed.

The box has now been updated and is almost ready to use. The box must be left for 20-30 seconds to initialise. then after one reset or power down, the process has been completed.

  1. Connect the Box to a TV and press the Menu button - select configuration, and check that the box is displaying the correct version of the firmware.