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The Answers to Dan Brown's DaVinci code webquest


Gate 2

We are met by a riddle:

Beware, another gate now awaits you
A famous code by he who "Brutus" slew
The letters 25 a perfect square
Will tell you who to contact if you dare


The clues are obviously in the text:

Brutus was the killer of Ceaser, (Et tu brute?) as we learn in the Digital Fortress Ceaser pioneered many early encryption methods, but the clue is in the 'perfect square' the letter are to be written into a 5 x 5 square and read down. (note DB use a similar code on the last page of Digital Fortress.)

w t r g o
w r t d t
w o l o c
d b a n o
o e n d m





So we must go to www.robertlangdon.com, note the text says we 'who to contact' so when you get there, click on contact.

We now move to Gate 3



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