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The Answers to Dan Brown's DaVinci code webquest


Gate 4

Opening the 'Deposit Bank of Zurich' site we see that we need a login name, this is the name we obtained from the auction site.

'Marie Denarnaud'

We next need an account number. If you click on the reminder we are told that it is to be found in the middle of chapter 4 of the DVC. The correct sequence is the digits of the Fibonaci series up to 21 i.e.


This lets us in to the area where we should be able to see the video stream of our parchment, but instead there is a message from Bezu Fache. It tells us to call him on (212) 782-9920.

We do that and learn that we should e-mail to [email protected] and visit www.doubleknightbooks.com

The reply give us a clue to the password we should use.

We login to the message board as 'Jonas Faukman' with the password 'venice'

On clicking on the message 'Jonas i've got the key' we see a message instructing us to go to www.robertlangdon.com/secretpage.htm

Go there to move on to gate 5



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