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The Answers to Dan Brown's DaVinci code webquest


Gate 3

After clicking on contact we see:

Bravo, my friend, i see you've fund your way.
What challenge you face next I can not say.
Professor Robert Langdon knows your task
He will respond in minutes if you ask.

[email protected]

We need to send an e-mail to the address and we immediately receive a reply:

Thank you for writing. I apologize for this automated
response, but I am currently in Florence attempting
to locate the key to "The Prophecy" - an encoded
parchment that may have been written by Leonardo Da
Vinci. I will respond to your message upon my return.


Robert Langdon


If this is you, DON'T erase this email -  I can only
send it once. Something terrible has happened.  I was
attacked outside my hotel, and the parchment was
stolen! I think the thieves intend to auction it on-
line. I don't have reliable web access here, and I
need your help. You must find this auction
immediately and track down the parchment. Here are
the two best art-related auction sites:


When you search, you should definitely include the
initials "LSPDV" because they are so rare. Please do
everything in your power to locate the parchment
soon - I must get it back. I'm getting very close to
uncovering the key to the code.

- Robert

Follow the second of these links and you'll see that you come to a site that looks something like e-Bay.

Search for LSPDV and you will see the item in question. There are two thing to note about the item listing

  1. The lady in question is 'Marie Denarnaud'

  2. She has deposited the parchment at a bank advertised on this site.

Click on the link to the Swiss bank and move on to gate 4



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